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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Move-On.org…can just move on…I’m done with them!

I've been a member of Move-On.org for a year or so now. I generally support groups who are working to increase dialog on important issues. While I don't always support the entire platform of such groups, I can overlook a few items if the general trust is positive. With that said…

I cancelled my Move-On.org membership yesterday.

The full-page ad taken out by Move-On in the Monday morning papers accusing General Petraeus of being disloyal and actually questioning his patriotism and commitment to America was completely unacceptable.

While I support the right of Free Speech, that right…just like all rights…comes with a bit of responsibility for the wielder. For Move-On to accuse a man who has spent his entire adult life protecting this country of being unpatriotic and disloyal?

Well…what else needs to be said…the liberal-nazi's live!

…and I can say that if I feel like it, because it's my right…General Petraeus has seen to that.

Other views on the General's tesimony and treatment:

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Thanks for the link! I think the Q&A between Sen. Warner (who should command respect from both sides of the aisle) and Gen. Petraeus really summed up the situation in Iraq quite succinctly (and I hadn't seen the transcript at the time I wrote last night). Warner asked if America would be any safer as a result of our Iraq policy, and Petraeus said quite humbly that he was in no position to assert that, as his job was to focus on stability in Iraq, not to analyze how our actions to try to stabilize Iraq impact our overall security.

So I agree that Move-on has picked the wrong target in Gen. Petraeus. Unfortunately, Petraeus, like the soliders he commands, is just trying the do the best he can with a disastrous situation.

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