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Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Great American Loser

I'd like to know something. I'd like to know why it is that certain people get upset when someone says, "You should have to earn the assistance the government gives you."

I mean seriously, how is that asking too much? How is earning something a bad thing? Since when did it become a god given right to sit on your ass while others work theirs off in large part to support yours accumulating lard?

Why is a person villanized the moment they make the suggestion that an able bodied person should have to work? Why do we continue, as a nation, to support The Great American Loser? You know the people I'm talking about.

The Great American Loser can be over educated, or illiterate. They can be any color, race, sex, etc. They can be from any part of the country and originate from any strata of society. What ties them together into a social group is a single mind numbing belief. A belief that if they choose not to get up in the morning, the rest of us should give a damn and then work extra hard so that they can continue to eat, sleep, play video games, and procreate (which of course is also their "god given right").

They believe that just because they choose not to work or perform any productive activity whatsoever, is no reason they should be denied that steak for dinner, that Lexus for cruising, or that $3000 gaming PC for wasting away the afternoon.

The Great American Loser is also the first person to cry foul when asked by their government to perform a duty in support of the society which supports them. If called to jury, they call on their latest Medicaid check-up as the perfect excuse for being excused. If within earshot of the mention of higher taxes which might affect them, they think the speaker should be shot in the ear. If told, "No you can't buy beer or cigarettes on your EBT card.", they think you should be told, "You're fired!"

They are the losers who call into work every time they hear about a coworker who came down with the sniffles and quickly realize that they themselves must surely have contracted a brain tumor.

They are the losers who like to stand around at work shouting the wrongs of the government and the citizens who support it, while at the same time, asking to leave work early for their latest Social Security benefits review.

Yes you know them. You probably even work with one or two of them.

Why do we continue to put up with them? They have no buying power. They have no muscle power. They have little brain power.

In fact, the only power they have is the power of the vote. ...and in the vote lies the problem.

So I ask you, should the leech be given a vote as to which way the fish swims? Or should it just be happy that the fish continues to allow it to hang around, attached to it for the ride, while it sucks the fish dry of blood?

Isn't it time we forced the blood sucking parasites of American society to put-up or shut-up? Isn't it time we required able bodied citizens to contribute, or otherwise, loose that citizenship? Isn't it time we put an end to The Great American Loser?

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fitterhappier803 said...

You know that I couldn't agree more. There is definitely something wrong with our society. I'm reminded of a newspaper that my mom and I were looking at when I was about 12 or so. This was around the time that the war (or whatever the PC term for it is) was going on in Bosnia. On the left top of the page there was an article about how you could send coats, clothes, and shoes to needy children in Bosnia. Across the page and down a little there was an article about American soldiers that were barely making ends meet with their salary. It even showed a picture of one man standing in a welfare line in his fatigues with a wife and two children. Yet the paper did not mention any way to donate things to needy military families. How screwed up is that?! It is especially disturbing when you consider that Augusta has a military base. How difficult would it be to set up some kind of local clothing drive or something like that?

I'm not saying that the children in Bosnia aren't important, but how can we help others if we don't take care of our own first? I've been saying this for years, ever since I was old enough to begin to understand society: America's problem is that we would rather give material things and man power to other countries before "taking care of business" at home. Why is this? I can only imagine that doing this puts out a front of strength and superiority to the rest of the world, and this helps hide all of the bullcrap that is actually happening to our citizens. How can we aid other countries when we have trouble just functioning at home? I seriously think that we need to do some major "house-cleaning." We need to eliminate the problem of "The Great American Loser" and many others before we put our energy into anything else. We will only be able to truly give to the world as a whole when our nation is functioning at our highest level.

Another thing that I want to mention: Why is it that often the most important jobs in our society are paid the least? Teachers, military, nurses, child care providers... why do they get shafted on pay day when they are so important to every day life? Of course these people aren't in their field for money or prestige. They are the ones who actually try to make a difference in society. Yet they are treated like crap. Little pay and even less respect. Go figure.